A Good Real Estate Agent

Many people believe that they know all they need to know about buying an apartment, a house, a piece of land, or, even, commercial properties. People tend to think they have it all figured out in their mind and all they have to do is walk around town a few times and the ideal apartment will somehow materialize itself out of thin air. This is a common misconception because finding the right apartment or a house (especially a house) can be a very difficult task. People are different, have different needs and desires and have completely different understandings of what they want from their future home.

On the other hand, there are many real estate agents on the market, some good and others not so good, as in any other job. The task of a good real estate agent is to know more about the real estate he is presenting than the client.

This is the number one task and requisite of any self-respecting agent who wants to work professionally. A good agent will never allow the client to notice a feature of the property he is not aware of, or to point out a flaw of the property the agent cannot explain or present in a better manner.

Real estate agents are not here just to show you a house, sell it and then pick up their commission. The job of a real estate agent is to make sides, the buyer and the seller, happy with the transaction. He is here to find the property that is in tune with the buyer`s wishes and to sell the property at the price that is both good enough for the seller and the buyer.

Agent Experience

Apartments and houses are more of a simple merchandise you can buy off the shelf every day in your local department store. Real estate is sometimes bought for life, and even longer. There are so many aspects of a property that can influence not only the value but can move the buyer into changing his mind and going for a different choice than the initial vision. Real estate agents are here to inform the client of the properties available for sale, to point out the good and the bad aspects of property and to inform their clients (whether it is the buyer or the seller) about the realistic value of a certain property. The agent is the one on the market each day, knowing how the market “breathes” and what are the realistic, achievable prices that a certain property can reach.

The makings of a good real estate agent lie in his knowledge: his deep understanding of his clients’ needs, his wide spectrum of knowledge concerning the real estate itself, his availability to his clients and readiness to offer a little bit more than the competition.

A good real estate agent needs to know what is being offered at any moment so he can react quickly and connect the right buyer and the right seller as soon as possible, to the content of both sides.